About Us

In 1993 ‘Gazeta Polska’ returned to the Polish publishing market as an opinion weekly. The first editor-in-chief of the reactivated periodical was Piotr Wierzbicki. Tomasz Sakiewicz has been performing this function since 2005. ‘Gazeta Polska’ is one of the main press titles in Poland. It is a magazine with a conservative and independence profile, referring to the pre-war tradition, gathering around itself a movement of supporters creating the Clubs of the ‘Gazeta Polska’. The Clubs of ‘Gazeta Polska’ are one of the most numerous and extensive civic movements in today’s Poland. 480 Clubs are officially registered, created by the readers of the weekly not only in the Republic of Poland, but also in other European Union countries, in the USA and Australia. The publisher of ‘Gazeta Polska’ is the company Niezależne Wydawnictwo Polskie seated in Warsaw, whose president is Tomasz Sakiewicz. ‘Gazeta Polska’ publishes interviews with the most important Polish politicians and people holding the highest offices in the state. It is a political magazine promoting a social model based on Christian values, in its articles on international issues, it draws attention to the threats to freedom in the modern world, supports Poland’s presence in NATO and the EU, partnership within the Three Seas project and strengthening transatlantic ties. He is in favor of close cooperation between Poland and Israel. From the very beginning, it supports the process of Poland’s energy independence from the Russian Federation and draws attention to the dangers of the lack of democracy in this country. After the death of the Polish delegation in Smolensk, Russia on April 10, 2010, including the Polish president, prof. Lech Kaczyński, journalists from ‘Gazeta Polska’ joined the investigation of the truth about the circumstances of this tragic event. Their activities resulted in documentary films, numerous publications and a photo exhibition, which premiered at the seat of the European Parliament in Brussels. Every year the weekly awards the prize – the title of Man of the Year by Polish Gazeta. Among the winners of this distinction are two presidents of the Republic of Poland, Polish prime ministers, ministers, writers, social activists and soldiers